The Successful 3rd English Speech Competition

發布者:紅河州第一中學         時間:2018-12-06

 Sponsored by the Teaching Research Office, the Third English Speech Competition of Honghe No. 1 Senior High School organized by the 2018 English Teaching and Research Group was held successfully in the lecture hall on the evening of December 1st. The school leaders, guests, teachers and students in the first grade watched the competition.


    The theme of this speech competition is The Hero in My Heart. Due to the professional guidance of the English teachers and the students’ adequate preparations, all the contestants presented the splendid and vivid speeches to the teachers and students of the school with standard and fluent spoken English, which obtained waves of applause. After more than two hours of fierce competition, Liuxiang from Class 1818 and Puxiao from Class 1816 won the first prize in this competition owning to their standard pronunciation, fluent spoken language and passion. The guest judge Tim Rogers from the Honghe University also made in-depth comments on the contestants  speeches.




The Honghe No. 1 Middle School English Speech Competition has been held in our school for three consecutive years. The scale has been expanding year by year, and the form has been continuously innovating. At present, it has developed into an English competition with a large number of participants, a large scale, and a high level. Not only does it stimulate the enthusiasm of our students to learn English, but also provides the students with a platform to show themselves and surpass themselves.(方玉銀/文 周字張/)

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